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Supreme Today With All High Courts On DVD-ROM

We provide you legal information’s, research solutions, the truth we better equip you as we provide you an electronic library with current updations hence we keep you ahead of all.

This Unique Software Will Give You Fortune Besides You Will Be Doing Justice Towards Your Clients By Enriching Your Library With This Software Of Daily Use.

Exhaustive Detail of the software - Content wise

Our Software would give you fortune as we save your valuable time and time is money

Once tiger was the fastest animal then came the time of automobile and the supersonic jets but our software is the fastest than all as the moment any law point is on the way to your mind, within a fraction of few seconds, the result is before you.

Law of the Land on each and every subject of law since the year 1950.

  • Equivalent citations of all important law Journals are given.
  • Central Acts, Rules and orders are given besides hyperlinked.
  • And above all it is software of a reputed daily law Journal being cited in all the High Courts and Supreme Court of India.
  • Head notes are accurate besides important points in the Judgments are given before the Judgments in important cases.
  • Supreme Court on words phrases by Justice M.L. Singhal has beautified this software the most.
  • Legal Draftings on various subjects of law by Justice B.K. Behra has again enriched the wisdom of this software the most.
  • Further, we have also incorporated moores Indian appeals from 1836 to 1872 and law Reports Indian appeals from 1873 to 1949.
  • Phrase-wise Search is another unique feature of this friendly software.
  • The truth we provide you an electronic library.
  • Above all, so rich a software of daily use is online.
  • The truth, full text Judgments on each and every subject of law are given

List Of High Court Covered

  • Allahabad- 1950-till today
  • Andhra Pradesh -1955 till today
  • Bombay 1950 till today
  • Calcutta 1950 till today
  • Chattissgarh 2001 till today
  • Delhi 1966 till today
  • Gujarat 1960 till today
  • Guwahati 1975 till today
  • Himachal Pradesh 1965 till today
  • Karnataka 1950 till today
  • Kerala 1950 till today
  • MP 1950 till today
  • Sikkim 1950 till today
  • Madras 1950 till today
  • Patna 1950 till today
  • Punjab & Haryana 1950 till today
  • Uttrakhand 2001 till today
  • Orissa 1950 till today
  • J&K 1950 till today

The truth our software is not only technically the best but the richest on account of the support of the following unique law Journals being cited not only in the High Courts but also in the Supreme Court of India