About Us

The year was 1968, when my father, respected Mr. Vinod Nijhawan started his company entitled "Vinod Publications" and gradually, the company became Private Ltd. and now known as "Vinod Publications (P) Ltd."

M/s Vinod Publications has published several renowned law Journals as well as published unique publications in row and the truth each book or Law Journal published by M/s Vinod Publications (P) Ltd. had broken sales records.

The year was 1996 when I published the daily law Journal "Supreme Today" under the guidance of my father Mr. Vinod Nijhawan. "Supreme Today" became super hit with large number of subscribers throughout the nation besides subscribers in various countries of the world.

I learnt the art of publishing law Journals and law books from my father Mr. Vinod Nijhawan, but my father had no experience of software business, the truth, I learnt the business of software of my own and with the blessings of all almighty could make so big softwares under the banner "Vikas Info Solutions (P) Ltd." appreciated in each and every nook and corner of the country. My softwares are so rich in performance besides covering case law on each and every subject of law. I speak from the core of my heart and soul that even today, I am working very hard day night to serve the legal profession the best, the truth, I am dutiful to work hard to build up the nation the strongest.

- Vikas Nijhawan